我总是后知后觉,得过且过,生活其实没有什么趣味,听听歌,打一打 CS:GO 就是一天。
I always know later, muddle along, life is not interesting, listening to music, playing a CS:GO is a day.
Travel gives life more possibilities. The memory of these photos comes from the early summer of 2019 Graduation Trip in Weizhou Island of GuangXi Provice
摇滚🎸,可能是最有活力的音乐,而Live现场使得这种音乐有了无与伦比的生命力。武汉朋克的灵魂来自鲁磨路,VOX、Prison 会继续承载武汉又二十年的呐喊。
Rock and roll is probably the most dynamic music, and live makes this kind of music have unparalleled vitality. The soul of Wuhan punk comes from LUMO Road. Vox and prison will continue to carry the cry of Wuhan for another 20 years.
The first eighteen years of my life were spent in the small town of Gufu, a mountainous area in Southwest Hubei Province. The mountains still encircle the town, the water from the source of Xiangxi still flows, but those happy, disappointed and sad days have gone away.
It's been five years. It's big on the ground. After reading the book, there will be many stories in the past years, from LUMO road to futuretown, from security engineering to software engineering. I met a group of lovely friends,and some people I will remenber whole life.